The Proposal

The Story of our engagement


I was so excited for my first cruise... We were going on the best vacation of my life! We were going to spend the night in New Orleans before jetting off for a tropical Caribbean cruise and my first ever tropical SCUBA adventures. We arrived at the regal Hotel Monteleone around midnight, and upon entering the room I found that my man had bought me some beautiful roses. "What a wonderful start to a romantic vacation!" I thought. The flowers were so beautiful and I was so excited for our first vacation with just the two of us. It was late and we would need to wake up early to get to security for our cruise the next morning, so we went to bed. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of breakfast being wheeled into the room. The cart was loaded with Beignets and mimosas, another PERFECT vacation experience. I was trying so hard to be snap-happy with my camera, making sure I documented the whole trip that poor Tim had to convince me to empty my hands for the next part. He gave me a great big good morning hug, telling me how happy he was (My response of course: "I'm so happy too baby, this is awesome!") and suddenly he was down on one knee with a gorgeous sparkler in his hand. Not that I could see the ring at this point; my eyes were so misted over. Obviously I said "Yes!! Yes, yes, yes!" and dragged him up to throw my arms around him, and after a few awkward kisses he asked, "So... do you want the ring?" Why, yes, yes I did. Five minutes later when I could finally see again, I saw that he had picked out a completely unique ring with way more glitter than I had ever imagined.

My journey towards our engagement began many months prior to our trip. I had wanted to have it all be a big surprise, but since she needed to get the time off and I wanted to SCUBA that just wasn't in the cards. I loved cruising and wanted to share that love with Genni, so I told her I booked a cruise for us and told her to get the time off and also get certified so she could go SCUBA diving on our trip. Once she knew the plan I could finally figure out mine. I used a concoction of careful planning, attention to detail, and sprinkled in a whole lot of procrastination and loose ends. I started with a bunch of research looking for ideas on how to propose, where to propose, or anything else I thought might help. I had come across one piece of advice I thought was priceless. That advice was that it's hard to re-visit a cruise ship, and armed with that knowledge I decided I would propose in New Orleans. I looked all over the internet and tried to figure out what would work best and finally decided on the Hotel Monteleone as it is one of the best rated hotels in New Orleans. I booked a room and left everything else up in the air literally as the rest of my planning I did in the airplane on our way there. On the airplane I was able to order flowers, and arrange a breakfast in bed with the amazing help of the concierge at the Hotel Monteleone. Genni loved the flowers and being we arrived fairly late we retired to bed almost immediately. I tried to get what sleep I could, but ended up waking up very early full of nerves. Finally I decided it was time to figure out what I was going to say since the event was only a few hours away. I worked on my speech for a while and then rehearsed it in my head trying not to wake Genni as she slept soundly next to me. After some more practice I finally heard the noise of the breakfast cart. I rushed out to the hallway quickly and quietly trying not to wake her. I tried to wheel the cart in without waking her up, but to no avail. She had heard me wheeling the cart in. I let her admire the offerings I had ordered, which I was finding out too since I asked them to throw something nice together leaving out most of the specifics, I decided the time had come. I got down to one knee and tried my best to get through my speech which I had been practicing all morning. I was so nervous I was shaking uncontrollably, but I managed to get out every word and then waited for her response. After many tears, kisses, hugs, and yeses I was finally able give her the ring and begin breathing again.